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  DeskTop Author is an electronic publishing software that allows you to quickly, easily and professionally create and/or sell page turning electronic publications such as eBooks, eCatalogs, eBrochures, ePresentations, photo albums and much more. Create DNL eBooks for Windows and Mac (Intel).

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  Desktop Author Live Updates

Never be out of date !!!

  • Update images and text fields in your eBrochures, newsletters and other ePublications.
  • Get to the POINT !!!

  • Personalise DNL eBooks according to your customers preferences for an individual or a group.
  • + All the features of Desktop Author

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    Newsletter Generator | Personalisation Sample

    Latest Live Updates Technology Showcase: showcases the use of Desktop Author to deliver a consumer solution within the Digital Photography space.

    "Using Desktop Author we were able to create an online 3d page turning photo album creation website which makes it all too easy to compile great looking digital photo albums for our members to share with their friends and family - very simple yet extremely powerful"

    Preview Photo Album Wizard - powered by Desktop Author

    About Live Updates

    A new breed of DNL eBooks has now been created. These books are designed to have their content (text and images) updated through a click of an update button.

    In addition, a personalisation feature has been in-built which serves to deliver customised content to your members and/or customers.

    What is Personalisation?

    eBooks created with Desktop Author Live Updates allow you to send personalised content such as available reward points, amount owned, etc, to each member or customer. You can even address it to each member, something like "Hello Amanda, welcome to this months Newsletter. You have 300 Points to spend".

    By collecting your readers preferences, you can tailor the content of your ePublication to groups within your membership list.

    Keep your customers satisfied by providing relevant information !

    Keep your advertisers satisfied by delivering successful campaigns !

    How does it work?

  • A customer will download an eBook
  • On any given page of the book, a number of updateable fields will be present
  • The customer clicks on the ?Update? button on the page
  • This will invoke communication with a server which will cause the content fields to be updated

  • What is a DNL Reader?

    Installation of the small file sized DNL Reader will allow you to view eBooks in the .DNL format. eBooks can be produced by using DeskTop Author software.

    DNL files are simply data files. Viewing the eBooks in the DNL format allows for a safe viewing experience. It also reduces the file size of the final document which means even less time is spent downloading your eBook.

    The DNL Reader also allows for eBooks to be viewed inside a web browser.

    Look at what Desktop Author can do for you !!

  • Newsletters
  • eBook's produced with Desktop Author can now replace your email newsletters. Yes that's correct NO more accusations of SPAM. Your customers or members simply click UPDATE and the latest news, announcements and advertising appears.

  • eBrochures
  • Customers simply press the update button to see your latest products and prices.

    Portal-based eBook production

    Generate Income and/or customer loyalty by generating template driven eBooks from within your web site.

    Suggested Uses

  • Online CV builder
  • Ask candidates to enter their details in forms on web pages. Each field on the web page relates to a specific area within a web book. Upon completion of the web form the candidate just needs to click a button to generate their own web book CV.

  • Online photo album builder
  • (See sample above)

    Offer both amateur and professional photographers a choice of web book templates. Enable users to upload images from their machines, mobile phones or draw them from personal or third party image libraries held online.

    Having reviewed and selected the images that they want in their album, they simply click a button and begin distributing their web book albums to family, friends or customers.

    There are many more uses for Desktop Author, explore the opportunity and get the First Mover advantage.

    Installation of the small file sized DNL Reader will allow you to view eBooks in the .DNL format.


    Photo Album Generator WEB
    Personalisation Sample WEB

    About DNAML Air

    DNAML Air is a fictitious airline which has 2000 frequent flyer members. Each member has registered two travel preferences: South America or Europe and Queensland or New South Wales. They also have a frequent flyer status: Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

    The demonstration is a membership magazine which would typically be emailed to each member. When you click "Update" the content is updated and is personalised to each member. For this demonstration, the "Update" button will change the content of the entire book to reflect the preferences of a different member (randomly selected).

    Please note that many members share preferences, so some content may not always change when you click "Update". For example, the images on Pages 3 and 4 will not change until a member is selected with a different International Travel Preference. The welcome text (left of the index page) will always change, and the member's name and membership number will always change when you click "Update".

    Minimum skills required to create a Desktop Author Live Updates server:

  • Web design skills using ASP: must know how to access databases from ASP
  • Database skills: SQL Server 2000 (or above), creating databases, writing stored procedures, knowledge of SQL language, database server management
  • Understanding of Web technology (HTML, Get, Post etc)
  • Server Requirements

  • Pentium 4 class machine
  • 1GB RAM (absolute minumum 512MB)
  • 100MB free disk (depends on expected Database size)
  • Windows 2003 Server or later
  • MS IIS 6 or later
  • MS SQL Server 2000 or later